One Touch Ultra 50 Count

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New! Easy Open Vial.

One touch Ultra 50 Count

* For blood glucose testing with One Touch® Ultra Brand Meter only.

50 Test Strips - 2 Vials of 25 Test Strips.

Fastdraw™ Design Test Strips.

* Requires only a tiny sample.
* Automatically draws blood into test strip.

Each One Touch® Ultra test strip contains: Glucose oxidase (less than or equal to) 0.8IU: other ingredients (mediator, buffer, etc) (less than or equal to) 0.05mg. The vial cap contains a drying agent.

See what customer says about One touch Ultra 50 Count:

The One touch Ultra 50 Count Fast Draw Test Strips work perfectly.

I have the One Touch Ultra meter. The strips slide into the meter so easily every time. The stripe size is approximately 1/4 inch wide and 1 1/4 inch long. They appear to be made out of plastic, so you do have to use one whole test strip for each test. I say that because you cannot cut them in half, nor can you reuse them again. One end has a white and black striped end which you slide into the meter. The other end has an approximate 1/8th by 1/4 inch clear plastic area. This is where you would see the blood being tested.

When I have tested, the lancet just barely has to prick my finger. I find it amazing that just the smallest drop of blood is needed to get a reading. Once the small drop of blood is showing, all I have to do is touch the top of the test strip to the droplet and immediately the blood is drawn along into the plastic clear area. Drawing the blood takes only a second and the One Touch Ultra gives me the results in 5 seconds.

The One touch Ultra 50 Count Fast Draw Strips are just that!
christina Packard (Sarasota, FL United States)

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